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English 2
Instructor: Smith, Carissa   
Handouts distributed to students in class
 Lesson Plans
Tentative lesson plans for each week
Facebook Profile Page Requirements
Part 1
Select a character to create a Facebook page for: Siddhartha, Govinda, Kamala, Kamaswami, Young Siddhartha, or Vasudeva
Make a list of information and characteristics that you know about the character
Make list of the important aspects of the plot your character is involved in
Design and color a profile picture which is a reasonable and appropriate depiction
Cover photo should reflect something personal and specific to the character—an event they experienced, scenery of a place they lived and/or traveled to, significant people to the character
Write a status update for your character which reveals a theme he/she would have learned from the novel
Select two other characters from the novel who your character would be friends with on Facebook
Part 2
Fill in the information for you character’s:
Occupation: in the novel, what is his/her “job” or what does he/she believe their purpose is?
Education: how was your character educated?
Residence: where does your character live? (you can describe it without giving it a specific name)
Religious belief(s)/philosophy: THIS IS IMPORTANT! Each character in the novel has their own interpretation of the purpose of life and how to fulfill their purpose. So imagine how your character would express their belief(s)/understanding(s) to others
Wall interactions
Share 3 comments that Siddhartha would make to other characters in the novel
These comments should reflect important events that occurred or possible reasonable reactions or thoughts that he may have to an event
Share 2 comments that another character(s) might share with Siddhartha
"The Ferryman" Questions
1. What does the river symbolize?
2. Why does Hesse personify the river?
3. How is the ferryman’s speech on 105-06 a key theme?
4. What is the relationship between learning and wisdom?
5. What does “listening” mean?
6. On 113, is Siddhartha now a “Buddha”?
7. Does Kamala find peace? Are her acts similar to a Christian repentance?
8. Explain the situational irony on 114.
9. Explain the significance of the end of the chapter: Why does Kamala die in the same bed as the ferryman’s wife? Why does the son sleep while the funeral pyre is built? How can Siddhartha suffer without sadness?
10. Is the tone of this chapter consistent with the rest of the text?

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